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  • Henry Rodriguez

Why Use Pole Banners To Advertise Your Businesses In New York?

While walking through the streets of New York, you might have noticed different forms of banners and signage used by various companies to market or advertise their brands. These are placed to draw the attention of potential buyers towards their products and services. One such marketing style widely used in New York for years is pole banners. They are often called street banners, outdoor banners, or boulevard banners. 

Profound Benefits Outdoor Pole Banners Offer

Easy To Install

Pole banners are very easy to install, you don’t require any additional stands to place them. All you have to do is simply use the existing structures to hang them. It’s a matter of a few minutes and then you are done. No tools or equipment are required to place them, further providing convenience to the business. 

Enhanced Visibility

Since pole banners are installed at a height, they are easily visible to all. They are placed a little high from the crowd but in a position where the message can be easily read. So it doesn’t lose its significance. Also, various vibrant colors and catchy designs are used to captivate the customers. 


The added advantage of using pole banners/outdoor banners is that they are highly durable and can withstand weather conditions up to a certain extent. The durability also depends on the kind of material you choose for your pole banners to be printed on. That’s why it is always recommended to opt for printing services from a professional custom printing company. 

Cost-Effective Marketing Tool

Cost has always been one of the major concerns for the business. Since every business has limited resources, they opt for marketing techniques that are both effective and cost-friendly. And the best part about the pole banners is that they are super cost-friendly and at the same time an effective marketing tool. 

If you are looking for a reliable outdoor banner/pole banner printing service in New York then contact us. At Xiti Signs, we provide a custom pole banner printing service in New York.  We have successfully served a broad range of industries spread across New York, New Jersey, Washington DC, Maryland, Fort Lauderdale, Virginia, and the US. Our services reflect our professionalism and dedication. Further, we follow a transparent working system and effectively communicate with our clients throughout the process. Also, we ensure prompt delivery of services. Contact us today!


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