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Parking Garage

Craft high-quality parking garage signage that encourages the smooth flow of vehicles and ensures the safety and security of the public. Get your hands on our range of exclusive designing services designed to meet distinct requirements. Whether you are looking for entrance signs, pay booth locations, instructional signs, one-way arrows, or restricted parking signs, we got you all covered. 

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Services Offered

Public or Private Garage


Whether you running a public or a private garage, parking signage is highly crucial and plays a significant role in guiding the people. It also ensures their safety and navigates them to the right areas. This further ensures a smooth flow of traffic in and out of the garage and enhances the customer experience. At Xiti Signs, we use superior-quality materials to generate exclusive signage.




You might be wondering how parking garage signage is linked with branding. But this is true, parking garage signage is also an effective medium of branding and marketing. A parking garage with systematic signage enhances the user experience, which further repeatedly attracts them toward your place, and in return, you generate high revenue from parking which ultimately elevates your brand image by projecting a customer-centric approach.




A well-designed and executed wayfinding signage can simplify the task of patrons or drivers in locating their destinations in complex buildings. At Xiti Signs, we use the latest technologies and create compelling wayfinding signage that aligns with the aesthetics of your building and resonates with the public. 


Illuminated Boxes


You can also get illuminated box-style signage for your parking garage that uses light to illuminate the sign’s face. These signs eliminate the risk of accidents in low-light areas or at night by clearly communicating the directions and instructions.


Legal Signs


You can also get various regulatory signs that are mandatory to install at the parking garage. Whether you want fire and emergency lane signs, time limit parking signs, no stopping signs, or reserved parking signs, you can all types of signs at Xiti Signs. 


Areas We Serve


At Xiti Signs, we provide graphic design, printing, and signage services to various parking garages spread across New York, New Jersey, Atlantic, Newark, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Washington DC, Alexandria, Richmond, and Maryland. Book our services today to get unique and classy signage.

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