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municipal signs nj, nyc


From planning a community event to an administrative event, craft compelling designs with Xiti Signs. Get hands-on exclusive community event signage. At events, signage is crucial as it acts as an authentic piece of information that helps to guide people toward your event and also provides them with its entire schedule. They are installed at the common gathering spots, near information booths or entrances. Draw out a large pool of customers to achieve a successful event.

Services Offered

Administrative Event


Planning an administrative event involves extensive planning and requires a touch of professionalism in every task undertaken. At Xiti Signs, we understand the significance of administrative events and their influence on customers. Hence, we provide premium service and high-quality signage that reflects the luxury, professionalism, and seriousness of the event. 


Community Events


When it comes to organizing community events, signage plays a vital role in marketing the event. They reflect the spirit and enthusiasm of the event and help to spread the basic information concerning the event. From the schedule of an event to the whereabouts of the booths, it acts as the perfect piece of information. At Xiti Signs, we craft high-quality and highly durable signage that will enhance and contribute to the success of the event.


Roadway Signage


Road signs are mandatory and are a vital source of information for the public. It is highly crucial to erect signs on the roads for the safety of drivers and pedestrians. At Xiti Signs, we curate highly refined and clear signage that effectively communicates the message. They are highly durable and can withstand extreme weather conditions. 


Facility Signage


Facility signage is the basic piece of information that instructs people about various terms or policies at a place. They are found near restrooms, exit areas, or recycling areas. Also, they indicate messages about smoking policies, wifi facilities or help desk areas. The facility signage is highly significant and is used in a wide range of areas.


Areas We Serve


At Xiti Signs, we provide high-quality signage for municipality requirements. We provide swift around services without compensating for quality. We stand on our commitments and serve a large number of areas such as New York, New Jersey, Atlantic, Newark, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Washington DC, Alexandria, Richmond, and Maryland. For any details or queries, feel free to reach us.

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