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Designing Brand Excellence

In this highly competitive business world creating your own brand identity is a challenge. In order to successfully launch your product in the market, you need to adopt various branding techniques and create an exclusive design for your brand that distinguishes it from the competitors. Get your hands on extraordinary design services. From graphic designing to product branding and from logo designs to AutoCAD, we got you all covered. We have a team of professional graphic designers who have great expertise and provide stunning designs that captivate the attention of potential customers.

Services Offered

Graphic Designs


From infographics to product catalogs, social media posts to magazines, and from book cover designs to visiting cards, get all these services on one platform. Get simple yet creative designs that communicate about your brand. Our team of graphic designers have an in-depth knowledge of typography, color scheme, and compositions and create balanced designs that effectively present your brand.


Logo Designs


The logo is not just a symbol or a combination of elements. It is your brand’s identity. The color used in the logo describes the qualities of your brand. Get unique logo designs that are classy yet flexible. There are different types of logos such as emblems, letterforms, mascots, abstract logos, monogram logos, and many more. The logo is designed as per your brand requirements.




Get highly accurate and refined blueprints or floor plans for commercial or residential spaces. Through this, you can achieve visualization of ideas. To all those looking for exclusive 2D and 3D designs for their brands or spaces, can opt for Autocad services. 




A well-executed package design can greatly influence the potential customers in the market and inculcate a positive inclination towards your brand. Get differentiated brand designs for your products and boost your sales. 


Areas We Serve 


At Xiti Signs, we provide design services to a broad range of industries or companies spread across New York City, Englewood, Atlantic City, Newark, Jersey City, New Jersey, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Washington DC, Alexandria, Richmond, Virginia, and Maryland, USA. Book your designing services today and create strong brand recognition in the market.   

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